This game is a submission for Ludum Dare 39View submission

A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

199X - weapons research has culminated in slow-moving pulsating orbs. prove to the coruglan empire that they are no match for the battery-powered plasma machineguns mounted on your trusty spaceship, bumbler!!

oh, wait, you forgot to charge the battery?

/ / I N S T R U C T S / /
shooting depletes your energy levels, pick up batteries to replenish energy and wrenches to repair your ship.
weapon pickups add an additional bullet per level, but cost more to shoot.

controls in-game

made with love2d for ludum dare 39

POST-JAM DEADLINE UPDATE: 3-Aug-2017 - game window used to have a fixed height of 960, obscuring the play area for some players. this has been fixed, so the height, width and scale are all autoscaled from the users monitor height, maintaining aspect raidou and all that.
if you're voting for the jam, please keep in mind that this wasn't in place at the time of deadline!

Install instructions

if using mac/linux:
install love2d as per the instructions on the love2d frontpage and run the file.


Ludum Dare 39 Ver. 1.01 - win32 (4 MB)
Ludum Dare 39 Ver. 1.01 (1 MB)